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Oct. 20th, 2017 06:40 pm
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TFW you're pretty sure you're almost done writing your Yuletide assignment and your recipient still hasn't posted a letter *and the journal is under flock*.

At least recip has written fic in that fandom, so I can see some of the relevant tastes that way.

Holly Poly

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:14 pm
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Whoever nominated all of the Numinous World relationships for Holly Poly, I love you. ♥

(If it's not someone reading this, I'm going to be very surprised. Impressed, but surprised.)

Virtual Garage Sale

Oct. 14th, 2017 02:24 pm
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I know that most of you are probably getting sick of seeing me mention it, but I promise that this will be the last time that I post a link to my virtual garage sale post. That said, if any of you know someone who might potentially be interested in anything listed there, please feel free to pass along the link. I'd really appreciate it.

Also, if anyone knows someone who might be interested in a Roomba (which is listed on that post), please let me know. I'm very much willing to haggle on the price since it's used, but selling it would help me immensely since it's basically the only "big ticket" (so to speak) item that I have left to try selling.

I'm less than $200 away from having enough to cover all of the various bills that will come out of my checking account on November 1st, and from that point forward my finances should be in a much better state. I get three paychecks in November, which is ridiculously helpful all on its own, and I should be getting both a holiday bonus and a raise in December. Add in the tax refund that I should be getting at the beginning of 2018, and for the first time in ages I'm actually not completely panicking about the state of my life in general.

Yuletide Letter 2017

Oct. 8th, 2017 02:23 pm
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Dear Yuletide writer

Thank you for signing up to write for me. I'm really excited to find out what you write and while I've included some prompts and suggestions here but feel free to ignore them, and write something that inspires you because any story featuring these sources and characters would be amazing!

Things I like

I love reading all sorts of stories, happy, sad, funny or serious. I like character based stories and also crossovers, time travel and alternate universes. I enjoy gen, het, femslash and slash. I adore outsider points of view (even from original characters) and epistolary fic. I love stories about 'how they got together' and friends turning into lovers, but they don't have to end with happily ever after with all their problems resolved (but I don't mind if they do). I like reading about fight sex and awkward first, second or even twenty-seventh time sex. I love female characters so I would be a little sad if they were completely sidelined. I love stories with a strong sense of place. I like canon pairings and obscure canon details. I also like to read seasonal stories if it fits in with the source.

Green Knowe Series - Lucy M. Boston
Mrs. Oldknow
Toseland "Tolly" Oldknow

I love the atmosphere of these books and the way that the history is tied so vividly to the house and the people who live in it. Any sort of story about Tolly or his grandmother, Mrs Oldknow would be wonderful but here are a few ideas that you could go with - What happens to Tolly after the books? Are there any other children that he meets from the past or from the future? What was Mrs Oldknow's childhood like and when did she find out about the Others? What happened during the holidays that we didn't see? Is there a missing moment from the books that you'd like to explore?

Think of England - K. J. Charles
Archie Curtis
Daniel da Silva

I read this book about a month ago and I can't stop thinking about it. I'd love to read anything about Archie and Daniel, particularly set during or after the events of the book. Maybe a story about their adjustment to working together and being in a relationship, which must've had its tough moments. How does their relationship develop? What was their first official job together like? Daniel's point of view on any of the events in the book would be fascinating. It was great seeing a glimpse of this in the ‘Song for a Viking’ short story and more along these lines would be very welcome.

The Darwath Series - Barbara Hambly
Gil Patterson
Ingold Inglorion

I reread this book earlier this year and was really sad to find that there wasn't any fic for it. I'd love to read more about Ingold and Gil. I was so delighted and surprised that they ended up together when I first read it as a teenager and I would like to know much more about their relationship. Maybe more about Ingold's first impression of Gil or his reaction to falling in love. Were there any moments of closeness before they got together? What was their first night together like? How did people react to their relationship and how did they feel about that? Honestly, I'd love anything about them and if you also want to explore their backstories or their future after the books (I've read all the sequels/short stories, but ignore or include them as you wish.)

Dunkirk (2017)
Collins (Dunkirk)
Farrier (Dunkirk)
Gibson (Dunkirk)
Tommy (Dunkirk)

This movie was responsible for sending me on a massive WW2 history kick and I'm completely intrigued by these characters and their stories, because we just go a small intense snapshot of their lives. There are a lot of characters here and I am definitely ok with you only focusing on one or two of them. I'd like to know more about any of the characters. What happened to them before the events of the movie and how did they end up there? What was the rest of their war like? How did they adjust after the events of Dunkirk and did they every talk about it afterwards? Did they stay in touch or ever meet up again? What would've happened if "Gibson" survived? Gen or shippy is fine (I'm happy to ready any combination of ships using the requested characters if that's your cup of tea).

Thank you!

Yuletide Time!

Oct. 9th, 2017 09:50 pm
st_aurafina: (Yuletide: panic!)
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Welp, I have lived long enough to have reached my twelfth Yuletide. I am surprised and pleased at this outcome, especially after the way that 2017 rolled in for the whole world.

Anyway. Yuletide is always fun for me, I've always loved my gifts, and I try to generally be chill about the process, so I hope I can make your assignment easy and enjoyable for you, too. My letters tend to be long – please don't worry! I am chatty, and excited that we share a fandom. I am all on board with optional details being optional: you go and ODAO if you have to. We have connected over our love for a fandom. I will love what you write.

I've put down ideas for each fandom – they are honestly just random things that have occurred to me as I write my letter, things that would be cool to read. I'm not particularly attached to any one idea (or fandom, for that matter), but wanted to throw out some prompts in case you're the kind of writer that likes prompts or wants to get an idea of how I view the fandom. If you find those prompts too constrictive, please fly free! I love the fandom, I love all the characters, I love the way that people are fannish about the characters. I am a fan of fandom, so show me how you love the characters we matched on, and I will be happy. I promise.

After eleven of these letters, I've got my likes and dislikes pinned down, so I've cut and pasted them from previous letters:
Likes and dislikes )

I've talked about the specific fandoms under the cut, with possible scenarios or prompts. I talk more about some than others, but please understand I have no favourite. It's just what has come to mind as I write the letter. I would be happy with fic for any of these fandoms.

There are important spoilers here for Westworld and The Good Place, so if you're browsing letters, please be careful!

Beautiful Losers II – Jack Vettriano, The Defenders, New Rules – Dua Lipa, Doctor Strange, Westworld, The Good Place )

If we've matched on a large canon, and it's not going to work for you, I've got a few small and easily accessed canons here:
A painting: Beautiful Losers II, Jack Vettriano
A music video: New Rules – Dua Lipa.

For stalking purposes, I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] st_aurafina and [tumblr.com profile] st-aurafina. All my previous Dear Author letters are here: Dear Author. If you have any questions, you're welcome to message my partner, [personal profile] lilacsigil. She will keep your secret for life, or at least until after reveals.

Thank you so much for writing! I hope your Yuletide is fantastic.

Dear Yuletide Author

Oct. 8th, 2017 01:38 pm
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for writing a story for me! I've tried to put plenty of information for each fandom, but if you would like to write something completely different please feel free! I am also happy for you to include as many or as few of the nominated characters as you wish. If you're not sure about anything, or want to do a crossover with another fandom and need to check if I know it, just ask my partner [personal profile] st_aurafina.

Things I enjoy: stories about female characters, plot, character interaction, gen fic, slash, femslash, female-centric het, exploring a canon world. I also like OCs as a way to expand the canon universe, so if that's a direction you want to go, that would be great. AUs are awesome – both in the sense of a deviation from canon and a completely different world – as long as they're not mundane AUs. Coffee shop no, superpowered coffee shop yes.

Things I don't enjoy: non-con or rape, non-canon character deaths (canon deaths are fair game), mentor/student, adult/teen or adult/child sexual interaction, zombies, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic AUs, mundane AUs.

Daredevil (comics) )

Emma Frost (comics) )

Imperial Radch - Ann Leckie )

Wonder Woman (2017) )


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