ficticons: Venus, from the Marvel Comic Agents of Atlas, jumping for joy. (venus yay)
ficticons ([personal profile] ficticons) wrote in [community profile] notgreenorblue2011-03-17 01:48 am

23 Jimmy Woo icons

Artist: [personal profile] ficticons
Rating: G
Characters: Jimmy Woo
Summary or Description: Twenty-three icons of James "Jimmy" Woo, head of the Atlas Foundation and leader of the Agents of Atlas superhero team. The prompt was "Jimmy Woo - Attitude" - I hope I did it some justice!

A few points:
- The icons are free for the taking.
- Please credit me if you take/use any. Comments (including concrit) would be much appreciated but are not needed.
- The textless icons here may not be used as bases.


More here at my Dreamwidth account or at my LJ.

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